Adapting in-person training to online

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When we were approached, in the middle of the pandemic, B Corp was running its Multipliers program in person. With the challenges of the new times, we were appointed to create the platform in record time and adapt all content to the online format.


We use WordPress, BuddyBoss and Woocommerce platforms in combination for an agile setup. Meanwhile, we had to hire freelancers to watch all the recorded in-person course content, in addition to recording new classes, to understand how to quickly adapt to the new format.

We created various support materials, as well as videos, and also interactive activities for students.

Tech stack:

  • LearnDash
  • BuddyBoss
  • H5P

Completely adapted courses.

We went to all the trouble of watching recordings of in-person courses to properly put together the storyboard and how to adapt the content, while creating new classes to tie everything together in a way that makes sense for asynchronous students. We adapted the exercises, partly in LearnDash, partly in H5P. We made some recordings and videos of our own as well.

Our courses have been used since 2022, with biannual editions.

Internal course platform:

B Corp then created Edu, its internal platform that is still used by hundreds of people today. With it, we were able to quickly install and implement all the minimum resources so that they could create their courses themselves and use the platform without the need for our interference, giving them autonomy. All of this on a lightweight and easy-to-use platform, since users are not necessarily highly technological people.

A living online community of people participating.

We chose BuddyBoss as a community technology because it already has native integration with LearnDash, in addition to being easy to customize for platform administrators. This way, we customized it just to match the B Corp brand and made the necessary adjustments to make it accessible. In this way, B Corp, in a few weeks, already had a fully fleshed-out platform for use.

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