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Organizing lesson content with an index

Design and code solution to create a better experience for students with longer lessons and content by creating a floating index.

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Courses for a Motomechanics School

How we designed a school for motor mechanics from scratch.

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Job board integrated with courses

How we created a job board platform to make available for our students.

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Multiple access: Sale of Membership and Individual Courses

How we managed multiple forms of access to courses: individual, integration and membership.

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Migration of dozens of face-to-face courses to online

How we created 12 online courses based on in-person content from a renowned school in Brazil.

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Translation into English

Translation of a platform from German to English, with a process of creating a new brand.

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Instructor Dashboard

Creation of an area for instructors to view statistics, create courses and their courses.

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Student Dashboard: One Area to Manage Everything

We created a student area so that they can better visualize their data.

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Community for Students

How we create a social network along with the learning environment.

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Optimization: 90% faster website

Understand how we can transform a website that loaded in 35s into an agile educational platform.

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Education for Influencers

A platform to train third parties with gamification and short content.

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Adapting in-person training to online

They needed to create an internal teaching platform, with a pre-selection of participants.

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