Multiple access: Sale of Membership and Individual Courses

Superconhecimento is a VAS solution for internet providers, functioning as an education platform with more than 300 courses.


As it is a value-added service for internet providers, Superconhecimento did not sell courses individually. However, wanting to change that, they hired us to create a three-pronged system: unrestricted access via partners (providers), monthly and annual membership (access to all courses) and individual course sales.


We use Woocommerce to manage subscriptions and payments. The VAS integration was already done with copyright code. Therefore, our biggest job was to manage these multiple extra accesses and create the logic, done with programming, behind it, in order to guarantee correct access by students.

Tech stack:

  • Woocommerce
  • Woocommerce Subscriptions
  • Loops & Logic

Multiple access control in one box.

Our great idea was to simplify the process in an absurd way. What we did was create a series of logical conditionals within a single code, so we could reuse them in different areas. With this central code that validated whether the user was enrolled in the course, whether he was paying for the subscription or whether he was already a SVA student, we could show different items, such as the course access button, purchase button and/or subscription button .

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