Student Dashboard: One Area to Manage Everything

Superconhecimento is a VAS solution for internet providers, functioning as an education platform with more than 300 courses.


With a catalog of 300 courses for more than 100,000 users using the system, it is easy to see the need to make things easier for students. Therefore, we needed to create a way to communicate with them and improve the My Account area of LearnDash.


In this case, we made the My Profile area simpler, just for changing personal data, and created a new area called the Student Panel, where they could easily access their current courses, completed courses (and certificates), with several resources.

Tech stack:

  • LearnDash
  • Loops & Logic
  • ACF
  • Woocommerce
  • Uncanny Groups
  • Elementor

A dashboard to view everything at a glance.

In the User Panel, we have made it simple to view courses in progress, progress, and also completed courses. We speed up the process of withdrawing certificates, with just one click.

On the dashbord itself, we also created an activity calendar system, so that students can monitor their study progress. The calendar marks when the student completes an activity.

On the right side, we also created a notification and warning panel, so the student can see real-time updates about the platform, new courses and whatever else the administrators want to show. The process of creating these notices is actually quite easy.

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