Education for Influencers

Utoo is a startup that connects suppliers with influencers, so that influencers can monetize their network by selling products from partner companies through the virtual store created by Utoo.


While Utoo works properly as a SaaS startup, it needed to educate its users (the influencers) and how to sell the suppliers’ products; and teach your suppliers how to deal with influencers.


To achieve this, Poly was responsible for carrying out all the planning of actions and projects to achieve this objective. To achieve this, we created Utoo University to deliver the free courses we have created over the years, in a lasting and strong partnership.

We plan, design and develop the platform, in addition to planning, writing the script, recording and editing the classes.

Tech stack:

  • Teachable
  • LearnDash
  • GamiPress
  • OBS Studio
  • Divi

Planning, development and maintaining the platform.

We created a platform to host the courses. Initially we used Teachable, as it was simpler and faster to implement. However, we soon migrated to WordPress due to the need to provide a library of ebooks and create customized pages for communicating with the public.

Ebook creation:

We wrote a total of 20 ebooks, totaling almost 40,000 words written. These ebooks were made available free of charge, being used as material for generating new leads and also as base material for the videos, thus optimizing the process. We generated more than 1800 new leads

Educational content.

From some selected ebooks, we converted into more than 2 hours of lives and 6 hours of course. In total, there were 3,000 registrations for the courses, fulfilling the base’s main objective of education. The materials were also used as a basis for social networks.

Furthermore, all courses were organized into tracks to better guide students and users, especially beginners.

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