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B Corp is a global community of leaders who use their business to build a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for people and the planet.


When we were approached, in the middle of the pandemic, B Corp was running its Multipliers program in person. With the challenges of the new times, they asked us to create an online platform in a way that students could interact with each other.


We use the BuddyBoss platform to create communities, integrating with LearnDash. The challenge was to integrate the forums with the courses so that each course created an independent community. Either way, there is a community that integrates everyone.

Tech stack:

  • LearnDash
  • BuddyBoss
  • H5P

A living community of people participating.

We chose BuddyBoss as a community technology because it already has native integration with LearnDash, in addition to being easy to customize for platform administrators.

This way, we customized it just to match the B Corp brand and made the necessary adjustments to make it accessible. In this way, System B, in a few weeks, already had a

Each course creates a new forum, so when a student registers, they are automatically part of a selected community, while also participating in the general community.

A timeline for your students to interact.

By using a timeline, members could see updates from other forums without having to open each one. Plus, it was a great way for students to share resources and ask questions.

We had thought about creating these communities within each course, which is a possibility. However, the student would need to enter each course to see if there was anything new and, if so, respond there. We thought this would generate a lot of work, so we centralized it on a single page.

A messaging system to optimize support.

We use the BuddyBoss messaging system to provide messaging and support between students and advisors, as well as between users and platform administrators. This way, support would be easier and more convenient for the student – removing the need to resolve issues via email or other means, while providing our client with a single central point of contact with students.

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