Courses for a Motomechanics School

Academia2Rodas was created as an educational arm of Magnetron, one of the largest motorcycle parts companies in Brazil. A2R was created to be an online school selling courses for mechanics and workshop owners.


While Magnetron had this central objective, its employees were not in the education field. Therefore, they trusted Poly to direct the entire process, from the conception of what the school would be, to how it would operate, and ending with what it would do (the content).


As we have no experience with the public, we decided to set up an ideation dynamic with experts: mechanics teachers, mechanics and motorcycle parts salespeople. From this, we created a pedagogical proposal to guide all the work. We finished by creating the LMS itself while coordinating the content.

Tech stack:

  • LearnDash
  • Divi
  • Woocommerce
  • H5P

How we conceived the Academy.

After the Design Thinking workshop session, we created the A2R Pedagogical Proposal. A 37-page document detailing what would be taught: didactic structure, practical applications, manual on how and how not to do it and general project schedule.

The basic structure of all courses emerged from the project. We divided it into content (the videos) and several other more playful parts, such as “Checking the Screws”, with a didactic exercise to prepare the mechanic for the task that would be given in the “Hands On” part.

From storyboarding to recording.

With the pedagogical proposal in hand, Magnetron gave us contact with several mechanics who agreed to take the classes. We talked to each one, commenting on how we needed the content and helped them throughout the process of creating the menu, after all, they were the experts and content creators.

With the material in hand, we put together storyboards with the exercises that we were going to put together in H5P. The entire process of recording and editing the videos was done by a partner of ours, while we supervised so that it turned out as expected. Meanwhile, we set up the platform using LearnDash and Woocommerce.

As the institutional and sales website was created by a web design agency, the LMS only took control from the cart onwards. So, it was a smoother and faster process, without many fuss. As this is an audience that would see the course in the workshop itself, we considered it inappropriate to embellish it with too many resources. Therefore, the LMS was just a portal for logging in and watching courses, without many extra features.

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